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About Us

DJ Steel Mountain

I Am Hiphop!

1985, in the DMV (DC, MD & VA), Hiphop set upon the heart of an elementary school kid the desire to perform the element of DeeJayin.  Two years later, fascinated with making beats, putting together tracks, and break dancing instilled the b-boy spirit.  Hip Hop has taken root and the journey as a Caretaker of The Kulture began.  Hiphop guided me further to The Great Spirit of Love, Knowledge and Consciousness.  My trust in God led me to knowing Him.

Steel Mountain Music is who I am..."Creative Energy Through Music".  Steel Mountain is an attribute of spiritual places and natural spaces.

STEEL: Two fold meaning.  Natural - That element of the turntable...the platter.  The "Wheels of Steel".  Spiritual - Emblematic of a biblical people represented by a six pointed star.  Within that star is another symbol representative of a Man...of Steel.  This character and people, rooted in divine power that is emblematic of the greatest and immovable land mass...a mountain.MOUNTAIN: A great and mighty symbol of "The King of Kings and Lord of Lords".

The music comes from a spirit of creativity which is making "Something Out of Nothing"...This is Hiphop which begets Hip Hop.

Still based in the DMV, Steel Mountain Music continues to perform his craft for the love of the art and kulture.  "Hip Hop we don't stop!" 

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