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Steel Mountain Music is a music production company in conjunction with Something Out of Nothing Entertainment, based in the DMV (DC, MD and VA) region. 

The year 2003 was a new beginning for me.  It was time to shift from hobby to professional.  I began my DJing service with the plan to establish my production company a few years later.  "I love it when a plan comes together".     
In regards to the production side of the company, I have worked with local DMV artists in the early days and to this very day, I just love to create and continue to perfect my craft.

My production catalogue is extensive in Hip Hop, Hip Hop/Jazz and Reggae Dance Hall for all your professional and commercial needs.  You can listen to some premier beats in the playlist above.

We exemplify creative energy to provide excellent quality music production for licensing and exclusive licensing.

Steel Mountain Music in conjunction with Something Out of Nothing Entertainment, LLC is a company of integrity, credibility and great talent. We advocate positive energy, spiritual elevation and life building activities in the community. It is our goal to establish “Creative Energy Through Music”.  We are Hiphop!


Our Productions

Next Level Recording

Morning Radio Show

This spot has a fun and energetic vibe that’s sure to capture the attention of audiences. With both video and music elements, this demo features some of our best production work. For the Morning Radio Show, we were involved in all the main production tasks, including engineering and mixing, as well as other post-production services.

Acoustic Guitar Commercial

Specialty projects such as the Acoustic Guitar Commercial project are becoming more commonplace. For this project, we combined different elements that our team has experience with in order to produce something refreshing and original, but totally appropriate for what the client intended. The final mastering turned out pretty interesting.


Our Services

At Steel Mountain Music, you can expect the highest-quality recording standards in our state-of-the-art studio. We offer our clients Sound Engineering as well as Music Production at unparalleled rates. You can be sure our experienced professionals will get the job done right. Contact us to learn how we can help you fulfill your music dream.

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Record your next album or commercial with a leading Music Production Company. Our Sound Engineering services are available to all of our clients so they can produce the best sound quality possible. Your next album is in your future - simply contact us today to find out how to start benefiting from our services today.



Recording, mastering, and producing are our greatest passions. With our Mixing services, we’ll help you merge your music arrangements into a single unique sound. The talented production staff at Steel Mountain Music is here for whatever you need. Get in touch today to learn how to start producing music with us.


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